Self Defense

When the Drum Beats – Surviving Urban Unrest

First there is black.
Then there is light and
All the colors of jazz.
And there is sound in these colors.
A wailing trumpet drips cool
Violet, threaded with smoke.
Heavy blue lumbers from the bass
While the clarinet temps
And tantalizes in hot pink counterpoint.
But the drum
The drum beats blood red.”
Poem by Doug Moench from the Comic Moon Knight #26 (1982)

Three Levels of Situational Awareness

The Three Levels of Situational Awareness

“I just knew it”,

“You knew what”?

“I was almost in a car accident today, luckily I had a sixth sense it coming at me, and I got out of the way in time”,

“What are you talking about, you think you’re some kind of a clairvoyant”?

“No, listen. As usual I was late for work and I trying to get my makeup on, and I was about to pass through that intersection, you know the one next to the diner with the creepy clown”?

“You mean the one that looks like Pennywise the Clown”?

How to Arrive Home Safely at Night

Security Shot #5: How to Arrive Home Safely At Night

How to arrive home safely at night. This post is inspired by a recent change in our lives. Our youngest daughter has just started university. To make her commute easier, she stays in a house closer to the city during the week and sometimes has to arrive home to an empty property after dark. Security Shot 5 is for all the young women out there who must face the unknown of the dark after a long day.

Best Self Defense Technique

What is the Best Self Defense Technique Everyone Should Learn?​

To answer what the best self-defense technique is first to watch the video below. Please disregard the fact that this is a typical day on the streets of South Africa.  This incident could have taken place anywhere in the world. Our victim/survivor is walking down a busy road. She is on her cell phone; engrossed …

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