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How to Choose a Safe Rental Home

Safely choosing a rental home can be tough. I recall my first experience of renting a cottage on a plot of land.

It ticked all the right boxes.

The place was affordable, the people in the main house were nice, there was lots of space and we could even get a dog.

My rookie brain glossed over the obvious signs that we were in the process of making a significant mistake. As the landlord shuffled around the cottage rubbing his hands together, I accepted his assurance that the area was safe.

Confirmation bias ensured that I ignored the alarm system, security gate, previous hacksaw marks on the burglar bars, and my gut-feel about the landlord.

I signed the lease.

The first incident was a burglary when we went on holiday. Our ever-competent South African criminals simply unbolted the badly installed security gate and broke the frame off the door.

Then there was the brutal home invasion that changed my life forever. 

Why Start a Neighborhood Watch

Why Start a Neighborhood Watch Program?

You live in a high crime area. What does that look like? 

If it looks anything like where I grew up, the streets are empty at night. 

People were once neighborly, but that’s now a distant memory. 

I remember when the walls went up. They used to be about waist high. They’re now at least two meters tall topped with clicking electric fences or razor wire.

Armed Response

How to Find the Right Armed Response Company for You

An alarm is only as good as the sharpened stick it’s attached to. In other words, who will come once your house alarm has activated? This post was originally written for South African homes, however, there are armed response services the world over, no matter where your country is ranked relative to crime levels. The principles discussed in this post are applicable to anyone considering an alarm response subscription. 

do outside lights deter burglars

Security Lighting Tips – Do Outside Lights Deter Burglars

A question I hear all the time is, ‘do outside lights deter burglars’? Yes, we all know that when you go out at night you should leave your lights on to deter criminals.

The question is…

Is this strategy at all effective?

In this post, I’ll reveal why a strategic use of lighting is one of the best burglar deterrents and how you can easily implement these lighting strategies in your home.