Can Martial Arts Save Your Life?

Can Martial Arts Save Your Life?

It was a typical early Friday morning in Johannesburg. Bleary-eyed commuters sat in the
traffic uttering the obligatory “TGIF”, maybe occasionally treating themselves to a thought about the weekend yet to come.

Car doors locked and windows sealed, each person insulated from the drama ensuing one road away into the suburbs. Police and security forces were engaged in a cat and mouse chase.

A group of armed robbers were running and jumping walls doing their best to evade arrest.

When the Drum Beats – Surviving Urban Unrest

First there is black.
Then there is light and
All the colors of jazz.
And there is sound in these colors.
A wailing trumpet drips cool
Violet, threaded with smoke.
Heavy blue lumbers from the bass
While the clarinet temps
And tantalizes in hot pink counterpoint.
But the drum
The drum beats blood red.”
Poem by Doug Moench from the Comic Moon Knight #26 (1982)

Why Start a Neighborhood Watch

Why Start a Neighborhood Watch Program?

You live in a high crime area. What does that look like? 

If it looks anything like where I grew up, the streets are empty at night. 

People were once neighborly, but that’s now a distant memory. 

I remember when the walls went up. They used to be about waist high. They’re now at least two meters tall topped with clicking electric fences or razor wire.

Three Levels of Situational Awareness

The Three Levels of Situational Awareness

“I just knew it”,

“You knew what”?

“I was almost in a car accident today, luckily I had a sixth sense it coming at me, and I got out of the way in time”,

“What are you talking about, you think you’re some kind of a clairvoyant”?

“No, listen. As usual I was late for work and I trying to get my makeup on, and I was about to pass through that intersection, you know the one next to the diner with the creepy clown”?

“You mean the one that looks like Pennywise the Clown”?