About Me

My name is Jason Mordecai.

I entered the world of martial arts at the age of nine, starting with Judo and Karate. In 1995 I represented South Africa at the World Tae Kwon Do championships.

In later years my path led me to the functional arts, firearms and trauma counseling training.

After studying diplomas in training and security management, I entered the security industry in 2000. During that time, I worked as a tactical officer, conducted investigations and operations and debriefed numerous crime victims.

I have received recognition for high-quality risk assessments and for the training of community members and security officers.

I was part of the team that built 7Arrows Security, a leading security company in Johannesburg and served two years as the Managing Director of the company. Today I am the Operations Director of the SMS Security Group and is the key contributor to the Security Adviser Blog.