Covid-19 Interpretation – Updated

The peak is still to come:

I still believe that we are all going to get it and that our peak has been effectively delayed by our prolonged lockdown. After having six positive patients in the practice in March, I have not seen one in April; a testament to the dedication of our patients to the cause. But am not sure how lockdown can be effectively sustained in large communities that are overcrowded with small rooms, whilst the autumn sun shines brightly outside. This will probably be our biggest challenge in containing the epidemic because discipline is so hard to encourage. Current testing in South Africa is probably not optimal and may be understating actual true numbers.


Viruses could bury your life:

Many of us are just now realising that the Covid-19 contagion may have upended our familiar ways of life for a lot longer than we thought it would. Maybe forever. And while the Corona virus may not kill too many of us at all, the real or imagined threat of this and future pandemics may get to bury many of our prized freedoms for good.  Unless scientists find an effective vaccine fast.

How to Arrive Home Safely at Night

Security Shot #5: How to Arrive Home Safely At Night

How to arrive home safely at night. This post is inspired by a recent change in our lives. Our youngest daughter has just started university. To make her commute easier, she stays in a house closer to the city during the week and sometimes has to arrive home to an empty property after dark. Security Shot 5 is for all the young women out there who must face the unknown of the dark after a long day.