Six months of COVID in South Africa

Here’s what we know now

After a full half-year of lockdown in South Africa, we’re still learning about the Coronavirus contagion that has sickened the world. Some patients are battling to throw off the debilitating ME-like symptoms (Myalgic encephalomyelitis) that linger for many months. A trustworthy safe vaccine is still elusive. Our children are generally safe. The press tells us that immunity, after contracting the disease is not a guarantee. Here’s an update on the current situation.


COVID Controversies

COVID controversies. The jury is still out on some key issues.
Nine months in and COVID research is still in the messy phase. While the planet waits
impatiently for the dependable scientific consensus on the prevention and treatment of the pandemic, medical research still disagrees on several issues. Here are some of the key COVID controversies that medical science is still wrestling with now; and the state-of-play for each.

Odds of Beating COVID are Much Better This July

We’ve come a long way fast since March 5th, 2020. On that day, the first Covid-19 patient had much to fear. Then, very little was known about the contagion and the limited data and scientific ambiguity made it difficult for the medical profession to confidently treat the virus with any certain belief of a positive outcome. This July, we know a lot more. Thanks to the load on our northern hemisphere and western Cape colleagues, today’s Covid-19 patients benefit greatly from the world’s experience and the short four months of steep collective learning.

COVID Testing

A Managers Guide to COVID-19 Testing

Testing for Covid-19 has become one of the most reported metrics of the pandemic.
Governments proudly publish their national number of tests, giving the public hope that something proactive is being done. But as it turns out, this hope is based on the
expectations that the testing process is an accurate process. In this post, Dr. Mark takes a sharp scalpel to Covid-19 testing. If you are a manager of a workforce, or simply perhaps you are considering taking the test for your winter sniffles, read on.

COVID Prevention Guide

A guide to prevention measures for those at risk and the treatment of a Covid-19 patient

How to manage a Covid19 patient who has comorbidity or risk factors.  

At Security Adviser, we have always focused on giving you practical advice that will enable you to take action and keep yourself safe. In this important post, Dr. Holliday provides an in-depth guideline for prevention to COVID exposure, self-care in the case of a positive diagnosis, the development of serious symptoms and the path to hospitalization. The post has valuable information for people that are healthy, people with comorbidity factors and medical professionals who have taken up the sword against the virus and are looking for other professional perspectives. This post will also add value to those who manage workforces and need to keep an eye on the health of staff.


It’s two months since South Africa had its first case and we now have 8 000 confirmed cases despite the lockdown. What’s the exponential implication of this in two months’ time … 10 million?

Knowledge of Covid-19:

Our doctors are still learning how to treat the disease and are sifting through many proposed cures to exclude what’s quackery and apply what’s known to help.

Covid-19 Interpretation – Updated

The peak is still to come:

I still believe that we are all going to get it and that our peak has been effectively delayed by our prolonged lockdown. After having six positive patients in the practice in March, I have not seen one in April; a testament to the dedication of our patients to the cause. But am not sure how lockdown can be effectively sustained in large communities that are overcrowded with small rooms, whilst the autumn sun shines brightly outside. This will probably be our biggest challenge in containing the epidemic because discipline is so hard to encourage. Current testing in South Africa is probably not optimal and may be understating actual true numbers.


Viruses could bury your life:

Many of us are just now realising that the Covid-19 contagion may have upended our familiar ways of life for a lot longer than we thought it would. Maybe forever. And while the Corona virus may not kill too many of us at all, the real or imagined threat of this and future pandemics may get to bury many of our prized freedoms for good.  Unless scientists find an effective vaccine fast.