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How to Arrive Home Safely at Night

Security Shot #5: How to Arrive Home Safely At Night

How to arrive home safely at night. This post is inspired by a recent change in our lives. Our youngest daughter has just started university. To make her commute easier, she stays in a house closer to the city during the week and sometimes has to arrive home to an empty property after dark. Security Shot 5 is for all the young women out there who must face the unknown of the dark after a long day.

how to heal from ptsd


It was the deep of night, I was warm and dreamy, happily invested in the process of sleep. Then the night changed. I was ripped awake by a call on the community radio. Someone in the rural plotlands where we live was calling for help.

After dragging myself into some clothes, I fumbled through my gear expecting that I would soon be on my way to another neighborhood crime scene. I met up with my fellow patrollers, and we began the search.

We were told people had heard a man’s voice continuously calling out for help.

Sound can be deceptive at night.

Our area encompasses large tracts of paddocks and grasslands. At night when it is still, sound travels much further than in the day.

After some searching, we found a property, which might have been the source of the man’s desperate calls. We climbed through a disused electric fence and saw a building with a light on. We were not prepared for what we found… 

Armed Response

How to Find the Right Armed Response Company for You

An alarm is only as good as the sharpened stick it’s attached to. In other words, who will come once your house alarm has activated? This post was originally written for South African homes, however, there are armed response services the world over, no matter where your country is ranked relative to crime levels. The principles discussed in this post are applicable to anyone considering an alarm response subscription. 

do outside lights deter burglars

Security Lighting Tips – Do Outside Lights Deter Burglars

A question I hear all the time is, ‘do outside lights deter burglars’? Yes, we all know that when you go out at night you should leave your lights on to deter criminals.

The question is…

Is this strategy at all effective?

In this post, I’ll reveal why a strategic use of lighting is one of the best burglar deterrents and how you can easily implement these lighting strategies in your home.